Track by Track - Youth

Youth - Track by Track 

The stories behind writing and recording. 

Warning- Another long one - only for the brave. 

1/ Hurt You (AKA 1982) 



It’s a funny thing. You never know what’s going to be that song…


The Story of Youth

To celebrate 10 years since its recording, I wanted to share a version of my debut album, as I originally intended it to be. It was an album that took me a lifetime of sacrifices, ups, and downs to make…

New Single

Okay, some nice music news. My next single 'If I Were' will be released 2 weeks today. I can't wait for you to hear it.


State of the Nation (Official Video)

I wanted this video to illustrate a break down in society and values, and to go hand in hand with the message of the single. I also wanted to spend no money, so this one worked out okay. I would…


Dreamers (Official Video)

My approach for this video was to simply shoot the whole video on my iPhone whilst walking 270 miles across the UK mid-2019 for the Rockinghorse charity.

It felt perfect and charming and fitted perfectly with the lyrics and message…


Day One (Official Video)

With this video, I was looking for some old footage that would bring the lyrics alive. This cartoon from the '50s works perfectly and delivers a powerful message and a very difficult time for us all.




Every track I've released, in one playlist! 

I, Like You, Like Everyone









I, like you, like everyone is sitting Spider plant-like inside. Bored. My life is self-isolation most of the time anyway, but still, there's something in having nowhere to go that makes it duller. It's helping me study which is a…