Brand New Single

Raised by Wolves will be released this Friday. It is the sixth single to be taken from the forthcoming album 'Change'. 


Thanks from Hello Morning EP

Wow! Thanks to everyone for checking out, listening, and sharing my Hello Morning EP. It really meant a lot to share a flicker with you all over the last few days. This little happening arrived and disappeared in a whisper…

Hello Morning EP













Available from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day 2020

Sadly this EP was temporary is now no longer available :-)


Track by Track - Youth

Youth - Track by Track 

The stories behind writing and recording. 

Warning- Another long one - only for the brave. 

1/ Hurt You (AKA 1982) 



It’s a funny thing. You never know what’s going to be that song…


The Story of Youth

To celebrate 10 years since its recording, I wanted to share a version of my debut album, as I originally intended it to be. It was an album that took me a lifetime of sacrifices, ups, and downs to make…

New Single

Okay, some nice music news. My next single 'If I Were' will be released 2 weeks today. I can't wait for you to hear it.


State of the Nation (Official Video)

I wanted this video to illustrate a break down in society and values, and to go hand in hand with the message of the single. I also wanted to spend no money, so this one worked out okay. I would…


Dreamers (Official Video)

My approach for this video was to simply shoot the whole video on my iPhone whilst walking 270 miles across the UK mid-2019 for the Rockinghorse charity.

It felt perfect and charming and fitted perfectly with the lyrics and message…


Day One (Official Video)

With this video, I was looking for some old footage that would bring the lyrics alive. This cartoon from the '50s works perfectly and delivers a powerful message and a very difficult time for us all.




Every track I've released, in one playlist!