Take Me Back To Graceland (Live)

Take Me Back To Graceland  

Photographs and picture frames  

They all the same to me  

Hollowed out of broken glass in cemetery skins  

A call out to lovers, Is a call out to ghosts  

She chokes, just like she smiled  

I used to be your energy  

I used to be your friend  

Guess everybody that I love will leave me in the end  

Now I build in towers  

Yeah I know it’s my fault  

Still, I folded, under your house of cards  

I taught myself to build a house  

from wooden chairs and sheets  

Shadow faces, trick my eyes  

From shadow facing streets  

I call out for Jackson  

He gave me escape  

Still, I shake, shake like her Winters  

When I faltered  

You kept me intact  

You gave me a home-life  

And in snow, whiter than Heaven  

Just take me back to Graceland  

Take me back to Graceland  

So give me Waits,  

and give me Cohen  

I’m not going Quiet  

I pour myself a whiskey, with nothing else inside  

Yes, I lost a bluebird  

The blue stars have gone  

Still, I shone, shone like her Autumns

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