New Single 

Okay, some nice music news. My next single 'If I Were' will be released 2 weeks today. I can't wait for you to hear it.

State of the Nation (Official Video) 

I wanted this video to illustrate a break down in society and values, and to go hand in hand with the message of the single. I also wanted to spend no money, so this one worked out okay. I would have done a far different video with a budget of course, but I'm kinda happy with how this one turned out. 

Dreamers (Official Video) 

My approach for this video was to simply shoot the whole video on my iPhone whilst walking 270 miles across the UK mid-2019 for the Rockinghorse charity.

It felt perfect and charming and fitted perfectly with the lyrics and message of the song. A lot of these videos mirror my personal life at the time, and this one does just that. I just wish I filmed more. 

SC x

Day One (Official Video) 

With this video, I was looking for some old footage that would bring the lyrics alive. This cartoon from the '50s works perfectly and delivers a powerful message and a very difficult time for us all.


I, Like You, Like Everyone 









I, like you, like everyone is sitting Spider plant-like inside. Bored. My life is self-isolation most of the time anyway, but still, there's something in having nowhere to go that makes it duller. It's helping me study which is a plus. I'm studying something new, as music career-wise is pretty much dead in the water. 

I won't tell say what I'm studying but it's nothing like anything I've done before. 

I wanted to recommend ten books, from the ones I've been reading this year, for people to check out from inside their own fish tanks. 

Bill Bryson's - The Body

Laurie Lee's - Cider With Rosie

Coal Black Mornings - Brett Anderson

Written in History - Simon Sebag Montefiore

Gibbon's - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Robin Lane Fox's - Alexander The Great

The Silk Road - Peter Frankopan 

J.P.C Laband - The Rise and Fall of the Zulu Nation

Nelson Mandela's - Long Walk To Freedom

Simon Jenkins - A Short History of England.


Take Me Back To Graceland (Live) 

Take Me Back To Graceland  

Photographs and picture frames  

They all the same to me  

Hollowed out of broken glass in cemetery skins  

A call out to lovers, Is a call out to ghosts  

She chokes, just like she smiled  

I used to be your energy  

I used to be your friend  

Guess everybody that I love will leave me in the end  

Now I build in towers  

Yeah I know it’s my fault  

Still, I folded, under your house of cards  

I taught myself to build a house  

from wooden chairs and sheets  

Shadow faces, trick my eyes  

From shadow facing streets  

I call out for Jackson  

He gave me escape  

Still, I shake, shake like her Winters  

When I faltered  

You kept me intact  

You gave me a home-life  

And in snow, whiter than Heaven  

Just take me back to Graceland  

Take me back to Graceland  

So give me Waits,  

and give me Cohen  

I’m not going Quiet  

I pour myself a whiskey, with nothing else inside  

Yes, I lost a bluebird  

The blue stars have gone  

Still, I shone, shone like her Autumns

New Home 

I've got a new home. This is where I'll be posting all new videos, thoughts, nonsenses, demos, sneezes, and music. 



























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